Chinmudra Pranayama

Relax yourself in 2 minutes with chin mudra pranayama

The Chin Mudra, also known as Gyan Mudra, can be described as a yogic gesture that represents the unified nature of human consciousness. Yogis also state that this mudra is the gesture of knowledge.
It is one of the most commonly used gestures with those who meditate or practice yoga regularly.

It opens the lower lobes of the lungs and relaxes the mind and body.

Steps to do

  1. Sit in sukhasana (cross legged) comfortably. Keep your spine erect.
  2. Touch the tip of index finger with the tip of the thumb in both hands.
  3. Keep the rest of the three fingers together and straight.
  4. Place the hands on your knees.
  5. Take long and deep breaths slowly for 2 minutes and relax.

Benefits of Chin Mudra

  1. Better retention and concentration power
  2. Improves sleep pattern
  3. Increases energy in the body
  4. Alleviates lower backache

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