Home Remedy for cracked heels, A Lemon In Your Socks!

Home Remedy for cracked heels, A Lemon In Your Socks!

We all know cracked heels looks ugly and this is a very common problem in all ages and main cause of lack of moisture, overexposure to pollution. All tricks like rubbing stones and creams require lot of effort with that persistence and money, but still you will not get the effect you thought of. The only amazing thing you can do is to use lemons for beautiful and soft feet.

This method is very simple and easy and all you need to do is this:

You need one lemon for this treatment, but it should be large enough so that it can cover your entire heel.

1. Take a lemon cut at half and prepare a lemonade for you and your family. But be sure you don’t throw away the lemon skin, because we will use them for the feet treatment.

2. Squeeze the lemon juice but make sure the pulp is still inside.

3. Now real treatment starts from here take the lemon halves and put directly on the heels. They should cover your heels completely. There might be a strange feeling at the beginning, but you will get used to it.

4.You need a pair of socks keep lemon halves in place. Make sure you covered roughest parts of the feet with lemon peel.

5. Leave the lemon peel to stay for some time nearly an hour, but for the best results you should leave it to stay during the night. The lemon juice will work as a chemical peeling and remove the dry and cracked skin.

Tt looks a little bit strange but people who have already tried this amazing trick says that it was in fact very effective, You are going to see the results almost immediately. After some days cracks of the heel will be gone and your heels will be much softer and silky!

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