Ten Ayurvedic herbs which boost sex health

Sex is one of the most essential aspects of our life and Ayurveda offers one of the best ways to lead a gratifying sex life without any artificial aids such as medicines minus side effects and other unnatural methods.
Ayurvedic medicines stimulate the body to heal itself naturally. There are many Ayurvedic herbs which act as very effective sex tonics and also have the ability to revitalise the bodily systems making them free from diseases. These inexpensive and often rather ordinary looking Ayurvedic herbs produce excellent results if taken properly, as they are also free from any side effects.

In Ayurveda there are three main organising principles of nature that are found in every person, in nature, and in all other beings. These principles operate throughout nature and can be seen in the changes of the time of day and the change of seasons. These three governing principles are called Vata, Pitta and Kapha doshas and on the basis of these, herbs used in combination deliver satisfactory results. Although adaptogenic herbs (herbs that increase body’s resistance to stress, trauma and fatigue ) are similar in concept, each herb is unique and should be chosen with care and under the guidance of a good Ayurvedic practitioner. If we just treat each patient in the same way, then it is not effective. Ayurveda, however, recognises that each person is unique and each person needs to be treated according to the imbalance of their doshas.

What is Vata, Pitta and Kapha ?

Vata is responsible for all movement in the body and controls respiratory organs, circulation, movement in the digestive tract, and impulses traveling through the nerves. Pitta is energy and it regulates the digestive process, metabolism, heat, and energy production, while Kapha balances the fluids.

Each individual is made up of the three doshas , yet in varying degrees. A person with more Vata will be thin, quick, creative, lively in thoughts, speech and action, and can make friends easily. However, if the Vata is out of balance, that person will be anxious, worried, overwhelmed, fretful, have dry skin and high blood pressure.

A person with a predominance of Pitta in his physiology will be of medium proportions, with a frame that is neither petite nor heavy. They will have a warm, sensitive skin, fine hair and will be sharp and determined in thought, speech and action. However, if the Pitta is out of balance, that person can be irritable, angry, demanding, and impatient, prone to skin rashes, premature graying, and thinning of hair.

A Kapha-type person is of larger proportions with good muscles. They have thick, smooth skin and rich, wavy hair. They are generous, kind, forgiving, calm, loyal and possess a good memory. Out of balance Kaphas are dull and lethargic, have oily skin, they gain weight, and have a slow digestion. They can become emotionally attached, and suffer from allergies, congestive problems and heart disease.

1. Ashwagandha (Indian ginseng, winter cherry, withinia somnifera)

Ashwagandha is popularly known as Indian ginseng. It is an herb that’s been used since centuries to treat impotence, premature ejaculation, infertility, and other erection disorders. It is an “adaptogenic” herb which nourishes nerves and improves nerve function as well that helps your body adapt to stress, one of the most common causes of sexual problems. Ashwagandha brings the body back to equilibrium by relaxing it when stressed and energizing it when fatigued. It has the ability to restore sexual drive, increase endurance and improve overall vitality, while promoting a Zen state of mind. Ashwagandha also strengthens the reproductive and respiratory system, while serving as a powerful Medhya Rasayana, which means that it enhances all aspects of an individual’s mental prowess. All the parts of this plant are useful, but its roots are especially beneficial in the treatment of disorders of reproductive systems of men and women alike. Doctor’s say: Dr. Mani says “Ashwagandha can also be translated as the sweat of a horse indicating that one who takes it would have the strength and sexual vitality of the animal. It is a well-known adaptogen and balances vata and kapha. It is bitter and increases ojas (immunity). Ashwagandha is most easily digested when taken with ginger, warm milk, meals, honey or hot water.”

2. Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus)

Shatavari is known to be very effective in enhancing female fertility and is the best known female rejuvenative. It enhances fertility by nourishing the ovum as well as other female reproductive organs. Shatavari balances the female hormonal system, builds blood, prepares the womb for conception and prevents miscarriage. Dry membranes, such as those on the vaginal wall, are also brought into balance through the demulcent action of the herbs. Shatavari is beneficial in improving male fertility as well and can be used in cases of sexual debility, impotence, spermatorrhea, and inflammation of the sexual organs. Shatavari helps to relieve PMS symptoms, such as pain and controls blood loss during menstruation, besides regulating ovulation. Doctor’s say: Dr. Mani says “Shatavari is the best female reproductive system toner and is often used for infertility, threatened miscarriage, leukorrhoea and menopausal problems”.

3. Shilajit (Shilajita Mumiyo; Mineral pitch, Mineral wax or Ozokerite)

Shilajit is considered as the nectar or amrit of God given to mankind to live life youthfully and become immortal forever. Shilajit is widely used in the preparation of Ayurvedic medicines and is regarded as one of the most important ingredients in the Ayurvedic system of medicine. It works as an aphrodisiac, thereby helping the male sperm count and also helps in bettering the quality of sperms. It also helps in regulating sex hormones for proper functioning. It has been regarded as Indian Viagra as it is very helpful in enhancing an individual’s sexual powers. Doctor’s say: Dr. Mani says, “Shilajit means something which has won over rocks. It is hot, bitter and reduces kapha, mostly, but is beneficial for vata and pitta as well. But finding original Shilajit is very difficult task and is very expensive too”.

4. Garlic (Garlic, Softneck garlic, Harneck garlic, Rocambole)

Garlic has been given special importance in Ayurveda due to its immense curative properties. It is used to enhance libido in men and women. Being a sex rejuvenator, it can improve sexual activities that have been damaged due to accident or disease. Garlic is important for people who overindulge in sex to protect them from nervous exhaustion. Doctor’s advice : Dr Mani says, “Garlic is considered to be the mother of all adaptogenic herbs as it can even boost sex drive for men experiencing impotence”

5. Kavach beej (Cowhage, Mucana pruriens)

Kavach beej (popularly known as cowhage) is considered as one of the best sex stimulant in the world and is a part of almost every herbal Viagra available round the globe. It helps in treating premature ejaculation by increasing male stamina. Kavach beej possesses medicinal value that helps curing the problems of impotency and is very beneficial in increasing and improving the male sperm count. It also helps in enhancing sexual vigor and ignites the desire to indulge in sexual affairs. Doctor’s say: Dr Mani says, “Kavach beej or Cowhage is one of the best sex stimulants this world has and helps in curing the problem of impotency

6. Salab mishri (Early purple orchid, Orchis mascula)

Salab mishri is a terrestrial plant that is highly recommended in solving sexual problems. It is one of the best herbs that have a wonderful effect on our body. It not only increases sexual stamina, but also enhances the performance of the human body. It increases blood circulation to the penis and testes making them bigger and harder. Salab mishri or early purple orchid is also very helpful in increasing the sperm count besides improving the quality of sperms. Doctor’s advice: Dr Mani says, “Salab mishri is another frequently used herb with a remarkable ability to increase the sperm count. It is a useful remedy for premature ejaculation”

7. Atmagupta (Mucuna Pruriens, Velvet Bean)

Atmagupta contains high levels of the world’s most extensively researched amino acid (L-Dopa). L-Dopa crosses with the blood brain barrier to convert into Dopamine, which is a very powerful neurotransmitter. Dopamine stimulates the hypothalamus and pituitary glands to release growth hormones, increase testosterone levels, boost libido, and increase sperm count. Besides, having a powerful impact on the sex drive, Atmagupta enhances mental alertness, improves coordination, elevates energy levels, and promotes lean muscle growth. Doctor’s say: Dr Mani says, “Atmagupta is recognized as a natural herbal aphrodisiac and besides having a powerful impact on one’s sex drive, Atmagupta increases mental alertness and improves coordination”

8. Gokshura (Tribulus Terrestris, Tribulus)

Gokshura is a sex and mood enhancer that stimulates the production of the Luteinizing Hormone (LH) that increases sex drive and virility. When the LH levels are increased, the natural production of testosterone also increases. Laboratory studies have found that Gokshura increases sperm count after being taken for 30 days and can result in more than a 50% increase in testosterone levels. This herb also has a stimulating effect on the liver by helping to convert cholesterol and fats into hormones and energy. When this action is combined with the increase in the testosterone levels the action promotes protein synthesis, positive nitrogen balance as well as a faster recuperation and recovery from muscular stress. Gokshura has a tremendous positive impact on strength and stamina. Doctor’s say: Dr Mani says, “Gokshura is been used for thousands of years by healers to increase sperm production, sexual desire and performance in men and women.”

9. Jaiphal (Myristica Fragrans , Nutmeg)

Jaiphal acts as an aphrodisiac by stimulating the central nervous system and warming the loins. Being carminative in action it hastens the absorption of other herbs and enhances their effect. While increasing and maintaining sexual vigor, Jaiphal has a tranquilizing effect helping to avert premature ejaculation. Doctor’s say: Dr Mani says, “Jaiphal is widely used in Ayurvedic formulations and when mixed with honey and a half boiled egg it makes an excellent sex tonic. It is also an important ingredient of rich Indian food and is widely used to improve the natural aroma and flavor of food.”

10. Shveta Mushali (Asparagus Adscendens)

Shveta Mushali primarily acts on the shukradhatu as an aphrodisiac which promotes semen production and is also considered as a rejuvenator of sexual desire. As per Ayurvedic literature, 4,000 years ago Ashwini Kumars, prepared ‘Chyawanprash’ with one of the ingredients being Shveta Mushali for ‘Chyavan Rishi’ who married at the age of 80 years. Shveta Mushali is very useful in curing nervous disorders, dyspepsia, throat infections, bronchitis, and general debility. Doctor’s say: Dr Mani says, “Shveta Mushali stimulates liver functions to improve strength and stamina. It is the best known aphrodisiac that increases the sperm count and helps in bettering the quality of sperms.”

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